Tramp oil separator


Filtecci offers tramp oil separators for heavy-duty applications. The system consists of a tramp oil separator (coalescence separator) and a suction unit (skimmer).


The skimmer consists of stainless steel floats, which carry an upper tube with a funnel. The upper part can be adjusted to the bath surface via a thread so that only the top-most oil layer runs into the funnel.

This movable pipe leads into a lower and larger pipe. The entire unit stands on a tripod on the bottom of the tank.

Skimmer of tramp oil separator with tripod

Tramp oil separator

The tramp oil separator with a container volume of approximately 500 l in 3 settling chambers is sufficiently dimensioned even for large quantities of foam and oil. A pneumatic diaphragm pump suctions the emulsion from the skimmer via a coarse filter in the container. The cleaned emulsion runs back into the tank due to the force of gravity. The separated oil runs into a disposal container, also due to the force of gravity.

Filtecci tramp oil separator OA 500


The Filtecci tramp oil separator is suitable for liquids in large tanks with high foaming.