Service cart

SW-PF service cart for emulsion and oil cleaning

The Filtecci service cart type SW-PF is a mobile filter unit that cleans and cares for contaminated emulsions, oils and low viscosity process media.


This service cart is used to suction off cooling lubricants from tanks, machine rooms or scraper conveyors. Chips and sludge are suctioned off in the process and held back in the filter.

Filtecci developed the service cart with practitioners for harsh industrial application. Simple operation, easy to handle, high-quality components and excellent processing were the focus in the process.

SW-PF service cart

SW-PF service cart


You can use the service cart in a variety of ways:

The cooling lubricant is suctioned off and filtered and then the cleaned liquid goes back into the tank. This is „cleaning in the bypass“ and also works when your machine is operating.

The cleaned cooling lubricant may also go into a separate tank. Then you can thoroughly clean the machine room and the filter system. Then the SW-PF pumps the cleaned liquid back into the tank.

Simply recirculating of course also works: Simply disconnect the return hose with the Kamlock coupling on the filter and connect it to the 3-way valve directly behind the pump.

In addition, the SW-PF is very well-suited as a mobile filter system in by pass operation. For this purpose, we recommend making a firm connection between the tank and filter cart. We supply a plate that is firmly affixed to your tank. You can attach the SW-PF hoses with the Kamlock couplings on this plate.


The cart is made of stainless steel (1.4301) and the substructure is designed as a trough and welded to be oil-tight. It is easy for the operator to even bring the cart to places that are difficult to reach due to the cart’s compact dimensions (only 730 mm wide, 800 mm long) and the high-quality wheels. The weight of just 150 kg also contributes to the easy handling.

The very robust impeller pump conveys the cooling lubricant through a pressure filter boiler. This boiler is equipped with filter bags, which we offer with different degrees of fineness (5, 10, 25, 50, 100 µm nominal).

Two hoses are supplied for the suction and return: heavy-duty hose quality with Kamlock connection, about 6 meters long, clamp collar screw connection and suction or return pipe. The hoses are secured on the side of the winding hooks for transport.