Hydrocyclone – Filstar

Hydrocyclone type FHZ 15 to FHZ 250

The Filtecci hydrocyclone „Filstar“ is a highly-effective filtration system that separates solids (with a specific weight >1.5 g/cm³) from liquids with a viscosity < 8 cSt (at 20°C) without an auxiliary filter.

Functional principle

The dirty liquid is pumped laterally into a centrifugal block and put into rotation there. The centrifugal force pushes the solid components outwards and then guides them down into the shaft. The cleaned liquid flows upwards.
With low viscosity media and a sufficient density of the solids, separation rates of 95% are achieved for particles up to 10 µm Smaller particles are also separated, but with decreased performance.


The device series P (precision) uses a modified inlet nozzle and higher pump pressure to achieve an even better deposition rate, especially with fine particles less than 10 µm.


Device setup

The hydrocyclones are made of stainless steel (1.4301). They have no moving parts and therefore are robust and easy to handle. The sludge is drained from the Filstar via a valve o the lower end of the shaft. The valve is opened via an electric or pneumatic drive. The control occurs via two timers or a small logic control for the opening duration and the interval between the openings.
The drain cup can be used for smaller quantities and fine abrasion: this is a container-shaped extension of the lower end of the shaft. The sludge is deposited there. For disposal, the ball valve at the end of the shaft is closed. The drain cup is released with a quick release fastener and the contents are disposed of. The drain cup is available in the sizes 300, 600 and 900 ml.

We offer our hydrocyclone in 6 sizes:

Type Filter performance
Min Standard Max
FHZ 15 10 l/min 15 l/min 20 l/min
FHZ 20 15 l/min 20 l/min 30 l/min
FHZ 40 20 l/min 40 l/min 60 l/min
FHZ 60 40 l/min 60 l/min 80 l/min
FHZ 120 60 l/min 120 l/min 160 l/min
FHZ 250 120 l/min 250 l/min 350 l/min